Monday 25 May 2015

Overnight Visitor

Another break in the blog sequence to report- SNOW!!!

We're now parked up at Ohau B Canal in Twizel (fishing for trout & salmon), this was the scene 24 hours ago-

And this is what we awoke to this morning-

Freezing cold outside, although our temperature gauge says it's -2c, it feels more like -10c with the wind chill. Colder than the -5c frost we had yesterday morning.

Well, we did say we wanted to experience a South Island winter, I guess this one will get us in the mode. It's toasty warm inside with the diesel heater working overtime (note I said heater, as in one- we left the other one in Christchurch waiting for parts) So far one is doing the job. Just.

And those astute people out there may have noticed an extra Ultima 5th Wheeler lined up along the canal? We've met another couple, Stuart & Helena who have been on the road for three years. I'm surprised our paths haven't crossed before now.


  1. welcome to the first polar blast of the year, yep a bit cold this one.

    1. Certainly was, & still is Francis, a good trial run for us before we hit the deep south! So far, so toasty :)


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