Thursday, 16 July 2015

Walking On A Dream- Part 2

Finally I have caught up-to-date. And it’s just as well as it’s time to hit the road again after our extended stay with the family in Winton.

A few weeks ago the second part of my article was published in the latest NZMCA ’The Motor Caravanner’ Magazine. Not only that but it was a huge surprise to find out that I had also won the Summer Photo Competition with this shot of David on the Key Summit Walk overlooking the Hollyford Valley on the Milford Road in Fiordland. And the prize was a $500 voucher to be spent with a Motor Caravanner advertiser of my choice. Sweet!

Below is the second part of the article, if you’d like to see the first one, you’ll find it here. Although this one has been titled “Taking the Scenic Route’. Remember to click on the page for a larger size if you have trouble reading the article.

Unfortunately this is a copy of a pdf file and the words may be a littler hard to read

Can you see the grasshopper in the photo below? His camouflage is so good that he fooled the layout artist in the page above….

If you'd like to see some more photos (and read more) about each of the places in the article here are the links to their original blog posts-

Kiwi Burn Walk, Snowdon Forest, Mavora Lakes, Southland

Key Summit, Milford Road, Fiordland

Pupu Hydro Walkway, Takaka, Golden Bay

Catlins River Walk, Catlins, Southland

Sawcut Gorge, Marlborough


  1. Congrats on photo competition, we already new you were a shoe in.....NZ is so beautifull it's hard to take bad shots, love this blogs header...majestic. David has become a star model?

    1. Thanks Jimu, you're right NZ is beautiful but sometimes it needs a little tweaking :) Yes, David has become a fine but reluctant model :)


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