Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Winton White Out

A few more photos from yesterday around snowy Winton. It snowed on and off all day before the rain arrived late this morning. Which was just as well as it melted the black ice that lay on the roads around the district and on the paths around the house earlier this morning- that stuff is treacherous- our steps were also iced over and very slippery.


The back yard before the kids hit the ground running-

The road outside after everyone had left for work-

Another church in the snow- Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Winton

A snowy short back and sides on the ute- worn like a badge of honour around town and into Invercargill where hardly any snow had fallen. A hint for newbies though- make sure your window is up when driving around a corner, a great clump of snow slipped of the edge and fell through the window and onto my lap.

A range of slightly weird and whacky snowmen took pride of place in many front yards-

Downtown Winton-

Extra hay kept these sheep happy, both as food and somewhere to lay down.

A wobbly exit from Winton Golf Club- 

And finally Ruby & Ollie with their snowman, and Ollie doing snow angels on the front lawn.


  1. Should be at Naseby. Last day of outdoor curling tomorrow.

    1. Should be Mr Anonymous but couldn't face another 600km round trip. Should have been in Cromwell too for the hoar frost! :)

  2. And wipe the snow off the roof, the first time you have to stop slightly quicker it ends up sliding down the windscreen, still moving, can't see a thing and the wipers don't move it, rather scary stuff!! (been there, done that!)

    1. Haha, yes I can see that would be a major problem, never thought about that scenario. Luckily the snow on my roof stayed put.


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