Saturday, 1 August 2015

Not Quite Blue - St Bathans

Just a short post to let you know we've finally shifted from Omakau and we're now parked up at the DOC camp at St Bathans Domain, very near the historic settlement of St Bathans and the famed Blue Lake. Unfortunately it's overcast today and the blue lake is decidedly grey. But we are more fortunate than most visitors, we have time on our hands, so we'll wait until the weather clears and the water turns it's beautiful turquoise blue.

We also have a very limited internet connection with a slow upload when I can connect, so there might not be so many posts over the next few days.....and, looking at the weather forecast, if you don't hear from me for awhile you'll know we got snowed in! 

One of the best things about travelling in the winter is you have the place to yourself. You can also run your generator until the cows come home and nobody's going to complain. 

And clean the rig with the water blaster!

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