Friday, 7 August 2015

R = Ranfurly S = Snow

Woohoo!!! I opened up the door this morning to be greeted by this sight. No, not the higglety pigglety  jumble of a summer holiday in a caravan. It snowed overnight in Ranfurly! 

We might not have the best view in camp but we have the sun all day in our lounge. When it shines. We've been parked up at the Ranfurly Holiday Park for the last three nights, it was time to recharge the batteries and well there's not much going in freedom camping sites nearby. We were warned not to head to Naseby because we might have been snowed in- secretly I would have loved that.  I just wish we could have been parked in a more fairytale settings than a campground.

David's going to have a few issues getting to the shower block this morning....

Although he has nothing to complain about. This is what can happen when you ride the Otago Rail Trail in the winter.

A quick walk down 'town' reveals a winter wonderland although the roads are already slush and a fast melt is on. 

I wonder how many have stuck their heads in the Art Deco board to have their photos taken with it looking like this.

 The sun is trying to shine through and I know those mountains behind are going to look spectacular after the fog lifts. I can't wait to see the reveal.

Back to regular service soon....

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