Friday 6 November 2015

Gorgeous Grandchildren

One good thing about being unwell is that I’ve had time to sort out a few folders of photos waiting to be processed, including a number of the family while we were at the Mount.

I love this one; Poppa and the four most important little people in his life. This is what happens when you tell the kids they can do a silly photo after the posed ones. And as is usually the case, the silly one is the one that grabs your attention. Not least because poor Ollie has a blood knee after falling over.

That’s Ollie (8) on the left with his sister Ruby (6), followed by Joel (2) and his sister Maddie (5). Ollie & Ruby had their early years in Tauranga but they now live in Winton and are firm Southerners. It was extra special to see all the grandchildren together when the Southland family passed through Mt Maunganui over the school holidays.

We’re looking forward to seeing Ollie & Ruby again when we get back down south and we’re already missing Maddie & Joel like crazy. Hopefully it won’t be another year before we get to see them again.


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