Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Pullin' Out

Finally the time had come to say goodbye to the family and head back 'Out There'. We had planned to leave yesterday morning but the day dawned cold, grey and wet so we made an executive decision and decided to delay our departure until this morning. You can do that when you have no firm plans, part of the joy of living on the road. One more day is neither here nor there in the scheme of things.

With the van off the concrete pad, we helped Dad put his carport 'sail' back up; his car will be looking forward to being under cover again. And the neighbour will be pleased to not be looking at the back of a hulking great big brown wall out her kitchen window.

We said our farewells to Mum & Dad, not too sure when we'll be seeing them again- I think I'll have to keep an eye out for cheap flights to Napier. I said goodbye to Lily too (my gorgeous cat who has had a new Mum & Dad for the last 3 years), she's getting old now and we think her kidneys are failing but she still enjoys life and is great company for Mum & Dad. 

And then headed up to the newly revamped dump station at the Boundary on Marine Parade. This must be the best view of any dump station we've visited in New Zealand, right out across Hawke Bay to Cape Kidnappers. And it's a great station too, easy access with a dump station on both sides so it's no problem where your outlet pipe is situated.....except we came in the wrong way! Never mind, no one about and it was easier driving out with no sharp turn.

We'd originally thought we'd overnight somewhere on the way to Wellington but it was such a lovely day for driving and it is only 300km, and we were a day behind out initial plan, so in the end we drove all the way through. We stopped at Takapu for a late lunch and then Featherston for a walk around and a cup of tea before the big climb over the Rimutakas and straight into 5 o'clock rush hour!

It actually didn't take too long to drive through the city and back to our favourite overnight stop at Evans Bay. It was like coming home....except we had visitors. Plenty of them and they'd taken most of the good parks! 

So we had to back our tiny mobile home in beside these two ginormous buses. I still can't get used to preparing dinner while overlooking a busy arterial route with cars, bikes and people passing just a couple of feet from my back window. It's just weird.

We'll be up and gone early, we're booked on the 8am sailing to Picton. And this time I shall make sure I have taken my Sealegs before we leave. I don't want a repeat of the last sailing.

See you on the other side!


  1. Are you sure this is your Blog?.....wot 300klms in one day.........concrete, cities, traffic....cor blimey!

    1. Haha Jimu! The reason why we covered so many miles, can't wait to be out of the cities! :)


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