Friday 25 October 2013

Glenfalls DOC Camp

Waking up early yesterday morning & opening the door to this view confirmed that it really was time to move on.

We made good time to Glenfalls which is beside the Mohaka River, 8kms from the Napier-Taupo Highway (SH5) & about 40 minutes from Napier. Looking down on Glenfalls from the top of the last hill we were thrilled to see that the reserve was deserted except for one lonely little white caravan; family from Napier by chance were staying at Glenfalls on Tuesday night & we were hoping they had managed to stay on an extra night so we could catch up & the men could do a spot of fishing.

The family looking really pleased to see us :)

Photo courtesy of Pamela

"Ok Gerald, what's the plan of attack here?"

"Follow me......& we shall catch some trout"
They caught four fish each but were unable to bring the good sized ones home for dinner. David was very disappointed as he managed to get a decent sized fish right to his boots before it managed to escape. Next time he will have his net handy. Pam was even more disappointed as she wanted to prepare for us her "camp special", trout cooked in newspaper, apparently a very tasty dish she picked up from Jamie Oliver. We still had a great evening with a tasty dinner, plenty of wine & quite a few laughs.

There are changes a-foot at Glenfalls. Glenfalls has long been a free DOC campsite, and a very popular one during public holidays & the summer months, but since our last visit a new information sign has gone up & a steel payment "iron maiden" located beside it (I bet the end goes a long way down & is embedded in a half tonne of concrete) The sign mentions fees but as yet doesn't say how much. I guess it'll happen before the busy season.

All too soon it was time to leave & head off on the final leg of our trip to Napier where we'll be parked up beside my parents house for the next couple of weeks.

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