Friday, 4 October 2013

Shell Shocked

Today we entered a new phase of our lives; we are free to wander wherever the whim takes us. Scary stuff! We are parked up at The Mount, happy but a little shell-shocked. We said a final good-bye to all our lovely neighbours & then the house this morning and drove over here, where being school holidays, it is very busy this afternoon. Thankfully I had booked our site a few weeks ago & because we’re a fifth-wheeler we have two end to end sites. Most of the motorhomes & caravans that have arrived since us have had to squeeze in front to back & I’m not too sure I’d be happy being on the back site. As it is with our slide out, we can nearly pass a drink through the window to our neighbour.
As we were travelling here this morning I said to David “Well, that’s it darling, our whole life is behind us” referring to “Out There” attached to the ute & appearing larger than life through the back window. And he said, “No our whole life is “Out There” in front of us”

To any of our Tauranga & Mt Maunganui friends, if you're passing our door while we're here, the welcome mat is out.

I can assure you, the camp ground doesn't look this empty this evening!
But hey, it's The Mount & we're on "holiday", we'll also have to get used to being crowded in occasionally.


  1. well well, here you are,footloose and fancy free.good travelling on this, the next stage of your journey.good luck.enjoying keeping up with your 'blog' lovexxx


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