Tuesday 8 October 2013

Ultima Café

When we stepped outside yesterday morning we were in for a surprise! There parked just along the way from us was a baby Ultima, the Ultima Café.

This is a cute little van, an ideal weekender or for longer holidays, it has its sleeping quarters & bathroom facilities up front & in the nose like ours but at a total length of 6.5 metres compared with our 9 metres, the living area is quite a bit smaller. The sofa sits in the slide out opposite the kitchen facilities & TV and the entry is via the back of the van.

This particular Café was awaiting its new owners and their towing vehicle. Mal from “On the Road RV” (where we purchased our Ultima) had parked up the fifth-wheeler here for a few days while the hitch is being fitted to the ute. This is a great way for the new owners to be introduced to their fifth-wheeler,  they can take their time to learn all the idiosyncrasies without any pressure and if they have any queries these can be answered by the dealership which is just down the road. And, they also get to have a holiday at an iconic camping spot.

We have yet to meet the owners but I’m sure we’ll make ourselves known before they leave.

ETA- we've just spent a couple of hours with Alan & Anne who hail from Taranaki where they're heading home to Thursday. We were able to show them around our van & point out various things we've learnt since having our fifth-wheeler. David was also able to answer quite a few questions they had & we helped them get their mobile hot-spot working so Anne could access the internet. They are heading to the South Island next year for the Bluff Oyster Festival & we may well meet up again there. Happy travels Anne & Alan!

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